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I have a bunch of new car parts/supplies I don't need anymore. I kept all of this stuff on hand as backup for my old truck that I no longer own.

Half price on all items! All items are brand new & unused. If you want and aren't local (Southern Oregon), shipping will be up to you to decide on and pay for.

1ea - Amsoil Dry Filter (engine air filter) (EAAU6075): $35
1ea - ACDelco OEM V-Ribbed Serpentine Belt (98035628): $23
1ea - Allison Spin-On Transmission Filter (29539579): $5
1ea - ACDelco OEM Oil Filter (PF2232): $5
1ea - CAT 1R-0750 (fuel filter): $7
2ea - Donaldson P551001 (fuel filter water separator): $10/ea
3ea - Donaldson P553203 (fuel filter w/ water separator): $12/ea
5ea - Super Tech TC-W3 oil (16oz): $1/ea
2ea - Allison TranSynd Full Synthetic Transmission Fluid (1gal): $20/ea Less

Pics of all items can be found here:

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