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OK so the first meet up was a good one. We need to decide how often we will meet up. If everyone post 2 different days they are avail. for a meet up that would be great.

exp. I pick the third Tuesday @ 7pm and the third Thursday @ 7pm of the month.

that works for me??

I am working on a meet up place. I was thinking 7pm cause than we all could get together for food, a beer or what ever. If any one has ideas let me know, we talked about Buffalo Wild Wings, and the Mexican place.

sure. im not to familiar with this town but, had some good food at both joe's crab shack and famous dave's bbq. just a suggestion

I came up with a logo that looks pretty cool, I'll let you guys decide if you like it or not. Also post up your logo ideas, even if its just text, I'll run with something.

that logo you got is nice. not gmc or chevy oriented so it will work for everybody...

Which brings up another thing. Post your shirt size. I will be having shirts made once we agree on a logo, I will cover the first shirt and then additional ones will be $12 each, (any color).

2x or 3x. depends on the shirt. would it be possible to do shirts like dickies button up?? i'll help pick up the cost.

So heres the list of whats needed:
Date and time of meetup (2 dates)
Meetup location Ideas
Logo Ideas
Shirt Size

Thanks guys!


thanks for takin care of this man. heard anything from the rest of the people's yet??
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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