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You can post your Medium Duty parts and Vehicles here in this section.

The Market Place requires a minimum of 25 technical posts and 30 days membership in order to post in the Market Place. This applies to listing something for sale or replying to someone's listing.
If you need assistance please contact a member of Staff.

PLEASE NOTE: Being a "paid premium member" does not exclude you from these requirements.

Please Close your thread after selling.
It is your responsibility to keep track of your for-sale thread. That includes bumping, posting correct information and closing.
You can close your thread by posting in the thread you created with SOLD or NO LONGER AVAILABLE..
Or you can contact a member of staff and let them know your item is no longer available.
Once the item is closed it will be moved over to the archived ads section by staff.

Only bump your thread every 48 Hours!

Please look at the Market Place Rules for more information about posting requirements: ATTENTION - Market Place Ad Rules

If your thread has had no responses within 30 Days your thread will be Closed and Moved.

This is to help keep the Market Place Clean and to help buyers find a product.

Please only sell one Item per ad. If you have multiple different items please create different threads in the correct section
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
Not open for further replies.