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We have a McCormick MTX 150 which has a 6.7 litre EEA (European Engine Alliance) (Case IH, New Holland, Iveco tie up with Cummins technology) 2 valve engine.

Before it clocked up 1,000 hours it started knocking in the upper block area near the front of the motor. Worst at cold start till builds oil pressure but taps away most of the time.
First thing we did was check tappets - all OK.
Then we had Dealer drop sump and remove big end bearings - top shells a little scoured and pitted so replaced. Checked a couple of main bearings. Pushed pistons right up to inspect bores - OK. Felt for gudgeon-conrod bush play - seemed alright. Put back together still knocking :(
Mechanic thinks it's a gudgeon knock.

Any suggestions?

Of course you only get a 2 year warranty and it's out of time but we will get some warranty assist.

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