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The first time I went completely through the truck I noticed that there was Brake Fluid residue on the Master Cylinder. I was like a film of the fluid all over the plastic reservoir and the base to which the reservoir mounts. Enough that there was a droplet forming on the bottom of the Master Cyinder unit.

I meticulously cleaned that entire unit. Unfortunately I did not open the cap to look at how full the reservoir was.

Today the film is back, all over the Master Cylinder, and another droplet on the bottom. I checked the fluid level, and it is down about 1/2". The instructions on the Cap state when the fluid drops to 1" below the inner lip, to refill up to the lip.

I hesitate to call it a "problem" yet, but as caustic as Brake Fluid can be I do not want any leakage.

Has anyone else had this situation?
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