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From the 98 manual,

MAP/Boost sensor measures changes in intake manifold pressure.

It compares engine load and speed changes, and converts changes in reading to a voltage output.

The PCM sends a 5V ref signal to the boost sensor, as manifold press changes so does resistance . By monitor of sensor output voltage, PCM detects boost pressure. Hi boost requires more fuel, lower boost requires less fuel. PCM uses boost signal to control fuel delivery. In non EGR engines this sensor also gives barometric offset signal to PCM.

Pin A & B resistive output pin C 5V reference. Var. resistor across A & B enables boost to be "tuned". As resistance goes up so does boost, reprint info from TDP says 5K setting on 10K pot will double boost, for my own settings 78-82 kPa baro is good setting for boost nets about 5 psi empty cruise and up to 15 if I want to hit it hard 7-10 while towing in ODEdited by: Turbine Doc
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