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MAF code

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I got my predator out and it read a P0101 code. Something about the MAF sensor. I have a finger stick on, so i think something wiggled around. Sound right? It was good a few weeks ago.
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Just a thought, a few days ago i posted a thread that i couldn't rev over 2000rpm. Read on here that the fuel filter could be bad, got a filter and i'm going to put it on today, after i get a filter wrench because i know its dirty as mud. I'm thinking thats it. So should i erase the code and put the new filter on and see what happens?
Are you running an aftermarket airfilter or Cold Air Intake.

Could have oiling problems with your MAF. I had the same problem and code, cleaned the MAF with cleaner, cured the problem.

Many parts houses have the cleaner, about the price of brake cleaner.
No aftermarket intake. I'm going to try to clean the MAF and see if it helps. Thanks.
WHEN i DID MY FINGER STICK I didn't get a good seating on the MAF wire plug, and it work its way out....after re attaching the plug, clearing the codes all was well....proximity to your finger stick install time line, maybe the finger stick splice or connector is the culprit

Commen problem with the Predator tune. Do a search and you will have plenty to read. Search p0101.
I was getting them just running the Edge.

I used an Amsoil oiled air filter early on, I am sure that was my problem. I run dry filters now.
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