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Loud knock white smoke

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I have some bad things happeining when I am driving on the freeway about 60mph if my foot is barely on the gas my motor (I think) starts knocking real loud then the truck starts jerking then white smoke comes pouring out the back. It does not happen all the time and as soon as I let off the gas it goes away and the truck runs fine. I am going to the dealer tommorow for a test drive with the service manager but the problem is hard to duplicate any suggestions for my dealer would help. Dmax techs says maybe fuel injector problem I hope my dealer can figure it out


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has it ever happened without your juice being hooked up? if not, unhook it and see if the problem persists. if it doesn't, clean the contacts and use some dialectric grease and see what happens. i've seen other posts related to that. you might want to try a search. How many miles on your '03?

1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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