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shaydog, my truck did this for almost 2 years now. I helped Juice with it and it is a timing issue, henche the knock and the white smoke, I think the timing is retarded to such a horrible point. Mine would do it for 20 secs and go away and then come back again a month 2-3-4 later. It would only happen when it was raining out. Their solution was to run an non timing box. I tried 4.61 on a rainy day it would screw up, I pulled over slapped in a non timing, and it wouldnt come back.

They never really said what caused it, But it first started screwing up with my version 3.0. It still screwed up with 4.61. Now im running 4.35 non timing. I also replaced my MAF sensor, and havent be able to try my brothers 4.61 timing box to see if that might have been the culprit. Let me know if you are told of any possible solutions, moving my box didnt help.

Shoot me an email [email protected]

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