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Were you using rotella T6 when it started puking all the oil out?Looks like a T6 jug on the ground when I zoomed in a little.It might still be okay if a synthetic was being used.

Years ago my grandfather had a 1980 C20 Chevy truck with a 350 gas engine and it lost oil pressure a long distance from home.They kept driving it as it was assumed it was just the charging system causing trouble.(Truck had those red lights instead of gauges)It was driven about 75KM after the problem occurred but it had no power on the way home since the lifters had no oil to keep the valves open.

When they did arrive finally and after dropping the oil pan we found out the oil pump driveshaft sheared off at the bottom but the bearings were absolutely perfect.Something caused the oil pump to lockup and that caused the shaft to break.

So the day before all this happened I put Mobil synthetic in it.If I hadn’t it would have destroyed everything.

The fire maybe was caused by hot oil hitting the exhaust perhaps.Any under hood damage to anything else?I’d get the cooler lines replaced and give it another go.It might still be okay.

Leroy diesel sells the oil cooler line kits I believe.If you didn’t want to buy those then rockauto sells new GM replacement lines but after a few years they may start to leak where they are crimped.Just keep an eye on them.Replace the fittings in the block above the oil filter as well if you do buy GM lines.
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