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Pulls in SW MN put on by the Midwest Outlaw Truck Puller Assn.
June 27th, Jeffers MN at 1pm
July 11th, Comfrey MN at 12 noon
July 17th, Buffalo Lake MN at 6 pm
July 18th, Butterfield MN at 7 pm
July 31th, Litchfield MN
August 8th, Iona MN at 2 pm
August 16th, New Ulm MN at 12 noon
August 29th, Fulda
Sept 5th, Mountain Lake
Schedule is subject to change, any questions call John at 507-793-2810
or message me and I will get info for you.
There are 2 classes, here are some of the rules
Street Diesel and Street Mod Diesel
Street Diesel Has 2 Weight Classes 8000lb & 8500 lb
Programmer, harness box, exhaust, and cold air filter kit allowed
No hanging weights, traction bars, or blocks
Street Mod Diesel has 2 classes 7500lb & 8500 lb
Aftermarket single turbo allowed
Hanging weights, traction bars, blocks allowed
Water Injection allowed
Trans blanket, exhaust cross bolts, u joint shields required
Exhaust must exit straight up

Hitch height both classes is 27"

There is more rules, will try and get copy to post
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