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Hey guys; I was towing home my trailer today (about 6000 lbs worth) and my check engine light came on. I had been on the road maybe 20 mins. Well, I was moving and had to ignore it but maybe 2 miles down the road it went into limp home mode, limiting me to 25 mph. I pulled over and ran my hypertech for codes, it came back with
U0100 - lost communication with ECM
P0106 - Manifold absolute pressure
P0234 - turbocharger overboost

My EGT's right before it went into LHM were running about 1200*
I had fueled up the night before from a boondocks station and I'm thinking that maybe I got some nasty fuel, but it was also -10* outside last night and didn't plug in the truck.

After reinstalling the factory program (I was on hypertech level 1) and draining the fuel filter I was back on the road without incident. But i'm still wondering, what the heck happened? Anyone have any ideas?
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