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Light Towing

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I've got a 2000 lb flats boat that I tow around florida (no hills). I've been towing in the tow/haul mode but it feels like overkill for my little boat. Should I be in tow/haul?
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The past few days I've been towing around a 10k horse trailer. I've used tow haul mode the majority of the time. I forgot one time to put it in and go about 15 miles into town and 5 miles onto the freeway and the temps never went above 150 on tranny (all other gauges never moved from normal empty driving) and i didnt notice any adverse effects.

One thing though, in T/H it stays in 5th gear at about 55-60. I couldnt get it to shift into sixth. What i would do is after it's on cruise, i would put it in Manual, bracket sixth gear and take it out of t/h until it upshifted into 6th. Then i would put it back in T/H and just shift it into 5th when i saw a hill coming to be nice.
That boat ain't gonna hurt that truck, I doubt it'll make it sweat!
The night i brought the trailer home i wasnt thinking, left it in T/H and set the cruise on 70 through I-5 (yes, even up and down the hills, it never came out of 6th) and on 46 which has a few 6 and 7% grades, set the cruise at 60 and it never went below 60 (it did shift to 5th once or twice on those grades though. I think the combo of lower speed and a grade made it.)

I realllllly am flat out shocked at this truck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I dont drive it like that now, i only did the night i got the horse trailer, now i manually shift to 4th and climb the grades at about 40 - 45 mph to be nice to it. Although, i KNOW it could do much better if i'd let it. I just like it and want to keep it!
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