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Lever stuck in Park

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I've searched and read just about every thread relating to this and I'm not finding what I am wanting.

At random times my shifter will stick in Park. Mostly in cold weather. Turning the steering wheel or raising or lowering it will usually allow the shifter to move. Sometimes I just have to wait and it miraculously starts to work again. I don't think it's a cable issue since it works perfectly 99% of the time. Is there an electric safety of some sort incorporated into this whole mess? '06 Allison 6 spd.
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Are you parked on a hill when the shifter gets stuck? My parking brake is not working that good anymore and when I park in my driveway up hill the truck rolls back just enough to cause the shifter harder to put in gear. I need to change my rear axle seals so my parking brake shoes will grab better than now.
Mine is tough on slopes also.
I was also going to ask if you were parked on a hill.
You should have a shift interlock thingy. The older trucks actually have written on the guage cluster "apply brake to shift from park"
Basically with no signal from the brake the shifter is locked. Where that signal comes from I don't know. I would assume easy would be the brake switch.
Also how it locks, I think it would actually be in the trans not the colum. But I really don't know either.
Nope. Not on a hill. Apply the brake, pull the shifter towards you and it won't go down into drive. Won't go anywhere. Just does it at random.
I would suspect the brake-park interlock. Next time it does it, try turning the key only one click past the off position. Not to "run" but the click just before. This disables the interlock and should allow you to shift to neutral at which point you can start the truck shift into gear and drive away.
I just posted almost the same question in maintenance and fluids, I thought I was in allison oem. It has happened two or three times. I think the truck has been sitting for at least a few hours each time. It seemed to shift when I revved the motor a little.
Stuck in Park

I too have experienced this where the shift lever is stuck in park. At times, when I've been driving in slushy snow and then the temp drops overnight into the single digits, it will freeze up. I've spoken with the service department and they mentioned and tried to fit a shield that would prevent the snow from landing on the cable, but it didn't work. I've since called another service center and they mentioned that in the earlier models (mine 2003) had a plastic piece that can break. You can still shift, but it's difficult. I'll be pulling it into the center later this week to see what they say and post it here. There's apparently a newer design for this cable that works better.
Mine did this as well. check power steering pump and hydroboost system. I had a leak in power steering line which did not allow pressure to build for boost assist. Now it is perfect.
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