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Turbo/Super Charger Engine Underboost
Anyone have an idea which table might cause this code?? I can't log anything currently because some PID's are validating.

I thought possibly it might be feild B2226.
Defines the maximum allowed desired boost
If this is too high could the computer want more boost than the engine can produce given the fuel table? With the computer wanting more boost it might cause a underboost code??


Well I think I was right. Trial and error. Decided to place B2226 @ 300 then try. Set the light within .5KM. Changed it to 288, drove for a while and no light. Got on it a few times without an issue. My theory must be right. :cool:

Well my theory just took a crap tonight. Good for prob 200KM then leaving the coffee shop the light went on, truck went numb for a few.
Did some searching but no one has really answered if this problem is solved with a finger stick.

So is that the solution??

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