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Purchased this truck 6 months ago it’s a 2007 lbz duramax

i was changing out the transmission cooler lines and Noticed this wet spot on the front passenger side of the block.
It doesn’t seem to look as if it is running down the block and pooling there.

I am fearing it is a head gasket leak
No loss of coolant no hard coolant hoses no white smoke

the truck is completely stock with 230km on it
Let me know what you guys think???
Shops in my area are quoting 12.5k(cad) for a head and stud job which is more than half the value of the truck

if I where to do it my self what would be the total parts cost?

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I believe there is a coolant adapter plate just in front of the bell housing on the passenger side that can leak. check there before assuming heads
This video can give you some insight
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