Banks Six Gun Tuner for a LBZ Duramax that was removed from my old truck when I traded it into the dealer for my new truck a few years ago. The original PDA display stopped working and was upgraded to a Banks iQ2.0 display, that was only used for about a year when the tuner was removed. I recommend ONLY installing on a LBZ Duramax!

What's included:
  • Six Gun Tuner with cabling
  • Banks iQ2.0 Display
  • Windshield Mount for iQ2.0
  • Stand alone charger for iQ2.0
  • USB cable for iQ2.0
  • Case (universal) for iQ2.0
  • Documentation

What's not included:
  • Banks Stickers
  • EGT probe (thermocouple)
  • Double sided tape for mounting tuner under the hood

$300 Shipped OBO