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Hey, I have a 02 lb7 that is all stock with 380,000 miles. It runs great, however now and then while traveling in OD it comes out and revs up. I put the truck in neutral and come to a stop. Shut the truck off and restart and off I go for who knows how long? I have never had this issue while pulling my 16' enclosed trailer during the summer. It only happens when it is empty and doesn't care about operating temp!

Recent maintenance done:
Internal transmission filter w/ new fluid
Drain transfer case and refill

When I drained the t case I got only about half a quart and a dime sized metal chunk! After I refilled the t case I still have the issue. My question❓ Is this a transmission problem or a transfer case problem? Has anyone had this happen to them with the Allison 5 speed? Has anyone had this happen to their t-case? What is the fix?

Thanks for the post
Jared F.
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