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Not good.

Back in the late 70's Army engrs came to our base (airforce) directing disposal of graphited lubricants. They cancelled the milspec and disposed of stock. Seems that graphite is erosive to some types of cast iron. I recall a poster commenting on the period that his oil filter was very heavy when he changed it ~ even optioned that it was a load of graphite ~ didn't reallize that was part of his engine eroding away
I'm very surprised it is still around ~ perhaps they worked out the formulations but I plan to stay 30ft away from any such lube. Don't want to take a chance with this expensive truck. In fact, thats one of the main reasons I avoided Mobil 1 all these yrs because initially it was a graphited oil. Learned recently thru these forums that its no longer the case.

My advice would be; Don't take a chance

On edit: do a search on thedieslepage. This very thing has came up before where a dealer was tossing this stuff in as part of the service.Edited by: ShumDit
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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