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Every year or so I try to renew my truck, like fix what isnt perfect, and add what I want accessory wise. I had it rhino lined, got a cross bed tool box, replaced my passenger side mirror(heat didnt work) Got some parts for a small dent fix on my pass door. Heres what pisses me off

Heated Mirror, second one not to work in 45K $120.00

GM body moldings are no longer pre-painted(impact strip)

Bed reinforcement kit for ladder racks/tool boxes etc $95.00 should not need reinforcement kits... its a MFin truck, should be free

Trailer hitch is bent down bad, its getting impossible to unhook my trailer....Free hitch, 78 bucks for shipping

On my 5th!!!!! Mirror adjustment switch between the 2001/2002, and the previously owned 99' 2500 non HD 6.0 gasser $20

Dmax emblem $7.50 not bad, now I got a spare, 2500HD emblem $15.00 got a spare, Yada Yada Yada

Now dont get me wrong, everything in my driveway is GM, but theirs just this cheapining out on crap that really gets my arse.

I had to vent

The bed thing got me pissed the most though 90 bucks WTF


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Now i am pissed, i just got bit by a mesquito while i was reading your rant. He got away! To hell with your truck, i might be dying and may never see my Duramax.

I was kidding
, but i really got bit by that mesquito.Edited by: Mike L.
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