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Hi Folks,

My daughter and I just returned from a trip to TN with our Keystone Raptor 3814 Toyhauler. The total miles were 1800, some of which were through the mountains of Tennessee. We hit the scales at 23,100# (4400# steer, 5880 drive, 12,820 trailer). My 2500HD is upgraded with LT265 Load Range E tires, airbags, and a 4" CAT delete turbo-back exhaust.

Not only did we suffer from NO overheat issues in the mountains, but the truck handled this load absolutely beautifully. I think that one of the reasons we did not see any over-heating problems is that once I got into the mountains (incidently OATs were in the high 80s) I set the cruise at 55MPH and left it there. I watched the temp gauge climb a little a few times, but it always came back down to 'normal' once the fan kicked in. I had read so many horror stories about the LLY overheating and was nervous about it. I guess that I didn't have the right combo of circumstances to make that happen?

Please spare me the over-weight discussion as I have read dang near everything out there already and have come to the conclusion that a properly upgraded 2500HD will get the job done:)
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