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Hi guys!

So I decided to leverage the slots in the side of the bed and put a 2" x 10" cut to length, tapered, painted, and attached a couple of handles for easy in and out. I used to have a cargo net there, which worked pretty well except for the small stuff kept getting past the net. By using a board instead, I can keep all sorts of sizes of stuff in place. Plus, the sides of the bed have these same slots both in front of and behind the wheel wells, so if I want to expand it/move it around, easy-peasy. But I still was trying to figure out how to manage the bottles of Power Service and other such stuff (shop rags, funnel, etc). What I found was a 30mm ammo box from your local Army Surplus store works perfectly - it's nearly perfectly suited for quart-sized bottles of oil, hydraulic fluid, etc. The upside is it's hermetically sealed to keep the ammo dry, so it's a win/win... plus it's not so large as to be in the way.

The last magic is I used a bungee cord with carabiners on the ends and I leveraged the stud I had mounted for the cargo net... running the cord up over the ammo box holds it tight in place. All in all, maybe $30; I realize none of this is rocket science, but thought it worth sharing in case anyone else is looking for ways to clean things up in your truck bed.


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