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I dynoed my truck this weekend.
Local place was running a special for 50$ on a dynojet. I met a guy there that was interested in a new Duramax but after the pull he wanted one BAD
I was wondering what I shoulda dynoed for torque though? They had an optic eye on the balancer set up but I dynoed only 608 I think. I think thats pretty low. HP was were I expected though at 341.

Reg juice in level 4. UNI in a cheesed box and a 4"-5" exhaust.

done in T/H with the OD lock out on and the readings were in 4th. At first he didnt think he could do it because when it shifted into 4th he hammered it and it kept downshifting, imagin that
I told him to just stay on it and she will upshift.

So 340 is about right for my combo? Were should the torque be? TIA
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