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John Deere HIR Bulbs price went up.

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The HIR low beam bulbs replacements have gone up to $23.99 from $9.99, so the demand generated from this forum got somebody's attention at John Deere marketing. They (HIRs) are on back order at JD until mid-Feb.
Oh well, I got one pair cheap anyway.
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okay guys i just called 4 jd parts suppliers 1st one 11.50 2nd 24.00 3rd 32.00 and 4th 23.99 now that is impressive that no one has a set price but i do know that 3 of them said jd was completly out of stock and no new date on arrival.but there is one dealer in ohio that had 2 in stock but wanted the 23.99 not worth it to me.do these bulbs go in just like the factory ones or do you have to modify?
HIR from any source have to be modified.

HIR from any source have to be modified. "The Standard" requirements on the manufacturing of light bulbs require different type bulbs have different type bases. The modification is very easy. There is a post of web site that has pictures on how cut off the excess material on the base of the HIR and there is farily good margin of error and they will still work.
Called around a 60mi radius and found the bulbs. the closest one to me had 1 and I got it for 9.99. he ordererd the other for me and charged me 9.99 also so we will see if he gets it for that price. Other dealers had the bulbs but were already charging 23.99 for them. got one for the original price better than none eh?
picked up the 2nd bulb today I had ordered last Sat and prepaid it at the old price of 9.99:) I asked them today if they had 2 more (to replace my fog lights) but said he had to order them as I was the only one who ever asked for them, the new price was 23.99. I got my 1st ones cheap but the high beams will be the ebay price unless someone finds them cheaper elsewhere.
Now if it would get warmer around here so I can install them:p:
Finally warmed up around here today so I got around to installing my 2 low beam hir bulbs. I`ll be going for a test drive tonight to see how good they are:)
Just got back from my road test. wow glad i got these bulbs! the roads were a bit damp making the surface darker than when they are dry and these lights work much better. The beam is broader and whiter. A little tweeking to the aimers and I`ll dialed in with these. Glad I got em and gladder I got em at the old price. i`ll get some more for the highs and fogs later this year.
Well, I ordered the bulb on Jan 10, 2007 after following some of the thread here. Today, the bulb came to the dealer in Wylie, TX. But they want to charge me $26 each plus his shipping cost. He did not want to honor the original price quoted. So, I ended up not taking it. Bummer!!! I guess I just have to go to flea-bay.
Is there a thread about these bulbs here? Ive had Silverstars in the past...total waste. Im back to stock bulbs but would like something a little more illuminating.
Any dealer that has to order these bulbs is going to charge the higher prices because that is what Deere is now charging them. There is currently a 0 stock inventory in the Deere warehouses with no way to tell how long the backorder time is.
OH my..

I just talked to JD/RDO in Indio, CA and he's charging 27.11 for the 4 he has in stock. I bought mine at the old 9.95 price in at RDO in Erhenberg, AZ. in January. They are worth every penny, at the old price and even at the $24 price. I need to get a backup set and one for my mothers Toyota. Even at 27.11 they are cheaper then the eBay ones with shipping.

And 29.99 in Montclair, CA, what are you SoCal guys doing? Driving up the price?
well i will sell mine for $15 each so i can get a set of silverstar ultra's. :D
I will take it from you. I am in Texas too.
Back in December I ordered 4 HIR bulbs for my vehicles for $ 12.95 each...I was so impressed with them I then ordered 2 for the wifes car...they arrived today...but at $36.25 each (at @three times the original price) They are most likely worth the money...just hurts to see the huge price increase.

Now I kinda wished I had purchased a case of these bulbs when I had the chance...
I was thinking I might try to open up the fog light housing to get these to fit, but if I could triple my money........ Some times it pays to be lazy.:D
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