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John Deere HIR Bulbs price went up.

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The HIR low beam bulbs replacements have gone up to $23.99 from $9.99, so the demand generated from this forum got somebody's attention at John Deere marketing. They (HIRs) are on back order at JD until mid-Feb.
Oh well, I got one pair cheap anyway.
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Unit453;1545373; said:
How well are they working and are they better than Silverstars? Whiter? More light? Longer lasting?

I read through my thread that I started but I cant seem to get a decent answer.
I've been following that thread; I haven't seen a straight answer either. I'd be interested to know myself.
I doubt it would vary by $13, but JD parts pricing CAN vary a lot dealer to dealer. Cost prices aren't exactly cheap, but many dealers mark them up by huge margins. I used to work for a JD dealer in CT, so can't say exactly how much, but price variations of >50% wouldn't be unheard of.
Anyone got a JD P/N for the 9005 and 9006's?
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