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John Deere HIR Bulbs price went up.

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The HIR low beam bulbs replacements have gone up to $23.99 from $9.99, so the demand generated from this forum got somebody's attention at John Deere marketing. They (HIRs) are on back order at JD until mid-Feb.
Oh well, I got one pair cheap anyway.
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How well are they working and are they better than Silverstars? Whiter? More light? Longer lasting?

I read through my thread that I started but I cant seem to get a decent answer.
Quick 6 Racing;1545493; said:
Here's the best answer that I can give...on my truck I upgraded to the JD/HIR's from the factory GM bulbs I find the lighting projection on the road and beyond much better than the factory bulb range, the pattern is also more focused on a concentrated area in front of the truck. Standing in the front with the lights on the bulb "colour" appears to be the same as stock. So I have not had a problem with oncomming vehicles flashing their lights at me.

In my Astro...a little different story, I had removed high oputput / short life 80watt "World Blue" bulbs and also found the HIR bulbs to provide better lighting projection and concentration over the 80watt bulbs. Again standing in front, the lights do not appear "bright white" in colour but "shine' for their actual "on the road" performance.

Reported tests claim HIR bulbs were 33% more light than stock, I feel this is an accurate statement, Silverstars claimed 20% better light and actual tests did not confirm this, althought the light colour was "whiter"

As for bulb life span, my 80 watt world bulbs needed replacing every 3-6 months, Silverstars are rated for 150hours, Ultra's are rated for 195hours and HIR's are rated for 800 hours

And in light output measurement tests HIR bulbs produced 1800 Lumens, Silverstars produced 910 Lumens, and Ultra's produced 1000 Lumens. IMO I would not say that HIR's are twice as good (or bright) as Silverstars I feel that this higher Lumens rating is because of the much better projected light pattern the HIR's produce in a concentrated area directly in front of the vehicle.

In summary...your answers.

HIR's better than Silverstars, for my driving use based on many others owner s feedback Yes.
HIR's whiter ? No
HIR's more light ? Yes more usable pattern concentrated in front.
HIR's longer lasting ? Yes (as per reported test results, not proven with me yet)
Very well written. Thanks. Thats exactly what I was looking for.
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