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Hello fellow forum folks, I have been a member here for quite some time and decided to become a vendor.

We primarily provide performance ceramic coatings. Thermal Barriers, Thermal Dispersants, dry film lubricants, corrosion prevention coatings. we do a LOT of race parts both gas and diesel and more and more daily driver builds.

We also specialize in blueprint 6.x engine building, we guarantee our builds and we provide splayed main caps, and our own halo main cap girdle free with every build.

We do not do power coating or painting, all our products require high temp curing.

We use TechLine Coatings products only and we are the only authorized applicator in South Carolina.

Below is a partial price list:

Bearings - main, rod - 6.00$ per shell - dry film lubricant
Cam bearings - 12.00$ each - dry film lubricant
Pistons each - Tops - 25.00$ - Thermal Barrier
- Skirts - 25.00$ - Moly oil holding lubricant
- underside - 25.00$ - Thermal Dispersant - used in piston oilier blocks
Rods each - 50.00$ - Thermal Dispersant oil shedding
Cranks - quoted - Thermal Dispersant oil shedding
Cylinder heads - quoted - Combustion chamber - Thermal Barrier
Runners - Diesel Thermal Barrier intake & exhaust
Intakes,quoted - Thermal Dispersant or CermaKrome or many others please inquire
Exhaust manifolds - Thermal Barrier - many different colors please inquire

This is just a short list, if you have questions feel free to contact us.
Below are just a few pictures of our work.

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Barrel Wood Cuisine Gas Dish

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1993 Dually
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We custom build 6.x motors, we have our own cam grinds, piston machining, full machine shop services.

This motors build thread.... My "Twisted" P400 build

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Motor vehicle Gas Engineering Lego Auto part

Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive exterior Gas Engineering

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive design Automotive exterior Gas
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