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Interesting Cummins Article

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Have you ever owned a dodge before? I get so fed up with people claiming dodge cant build a truck anymore! Just to fill you in the new dodge (gen 3) is just as good if not better then gm! If you have no experience with the new dodge and only speak of the past i think it is time to STFU! Flame all you want some **** gets old.

Rant off
Bulldogger;1556898; said:
From my understanding some of the new Mega cabs are having the door glass break, and both quad and Mega cabs can suffer from driveline shake on take off. Also I think newer Dodges still suffer from death wobble and front end problems with the ball joints which from my understanding has been an issue with the Dodge trucks for some time. I don't mean this as an attack on Dodge trucks, it just seems they tend to have the same type of problems for a longer period of time before addressing the issues. D'Maxes have their problems but it seems to me that they make design changes faster. GM went from LB7 to LLY to LBZ which now seems to be mostly problem free, and the LLM is here with the only real difference from the LBZ is the DPF. Lets be honest most Dodge guys dislike the D'max especially over at the Diesel truck resource and call it Japanese crap or Maxipad... but yet consider Toyota made in Japan as a marvel of engineering. I never really understood trying to insult someone else for making a different choice but to each his own. My point is I don't think the dodge truck is the greatest thing since sliced bread, like some brand loyal people would have you believe. I think if you get a good truck reguardless of make then I would be willing to bet they are all on a pretty level playing field with purchase decisions going more to personal preference then any thing else. Then again I have no brand loyalty but what do I know.
I can argue any point you made but it seems pointless to do because you and i know that argument goes both ways. But, let me formaly appologize for getting pissed when Censored:blahblah: and claim dodge cannot build a truck. Gee, i wonder who gm has been competing with besides ford in the truck market.:cool:
True everybody has their reasons why they have what they do and why they bought it. I personally hAVE NO PROBELRM WITH THE DMAX BUT THE 6.0 SCARES ME. i HAVE A FRIEND THATS FAMILY Has had problemsand i see them firsthand so it is hard to justify one. But nothing gets me more jacked then those statements. If you have experience then fine but if you just jumped on the bandwagon because it is the cool thing to do then i think you really have no place to talk.

sorry about the damn caps. lol
GMCTRUCK;1558939; said:
Have you ever owned anything other than a Dodge? Or are you just a young guy with his first Diesel and it happens to be a Dodge? Why is it Dodge only guys are so insecure about their trucks they have to come over here and cause trouble? I used to consider myself a Mopar guy. My first car was a 68 Road Runner. I had a 79 W200 and a 91 Ramcharger, both awesome trucks. I bought a 95 Ram 2500 Cummins 5 speed brand new. Cummins was awesome, truck was a nightmare and the Dodge dealer network was as unorganized as you can get. Then my wife's 98 Grand Cherokee was another p.o.s. and I gave up on Chrysler. They can't build a truck anymore. Good design and theory but, cheap material.
Nope i have never owned anything diesel other then my 97. I have howeever been around diesels all my life i have heard the good and the bad from alot of people i know personally, and seen problems first hand. Just because i am young (20) dosent mean i know nothing and my mind is a one way track.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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