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Interesting Cummins Article

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Well i think cummins has a good friend @ Dodge Since they keep that Cummins even though DCX owns Detroit and Mercedes. All the Freightliner Salesman I tried to buy a Freightliner from with Cummins power goes out of their way to Discredit the Cummins in there trucks. The 6.7 is a good engine from what i have ran them in Case and Agco Tractors Its 1 of those Fruits of the European Engine Alliance that Cummins has with Iveco, Case, Newholland. As Far as comparing V8 Diesels to Inlines its like comparing apples to oranges not a real good way to sit and test them since it 2 totally different trains of thought. It says somthing about how well V8s are doing cause cummins would not be comming out with a V6 and V8 otherwise. I think V8s have come a long ways since the days of the 3208s, VT 555,903 and those perkins diesels
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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