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Insurance to cover the contents of my trailer.

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Well as some may have seen, I am looking into purchasing an enclosed trailer. My main reason for doing this is to help a buddy out and make some $$$ while doing so. My problem now is finding insurance! I am thinking on starting a new LLC and insuring the truck and trailer through that. Ok no problem but every insurance agent I have spoken with says that won't cover the contents of the trailer! That is my biggest concern!!! I am going to be having 2 cars in there a trip valued at a total of about $65,000 so I was gonna say to be safe get cargo insurance of $100,000. Just seems nobody can do it and most don't even know how to even quote it. Can anyone help me out here>??? Is there a technical name that I don't know for it>??? Any idea on a round-about cost figure>??? I am 23 with a pretty clean record(1 ticket in last 5 years). Truck would be my 06 Dually, trailer would be a 07' Haulmark 32' enclosed. I don't want to purchase the trailer then be stuck. He already needs 3 cars moved in 2 weeks and I am cutting it down to the wire and would like to get those hauls. Thanks, -Mat-
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Call a nearby vehicle auction house that auctions vehicles and someone there may be able to help you.sure somebody there should know since there always moving vehicles by truck big or small .Hotshots and tractor trailers.Just my guess .
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