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Just installed my new all aluminum oil pan, Allison 1000 pan and new over size trans cooler. This is new from PPE. No secret that the stock oil pan has valleys that retain a pint of very dirty oil every time you change it. Yup, know you know why the oil gets dirty so fast. This pan has a flat bottom that allows for a complete oil change. I also installed a Fumoto drain valve that with the flip of the lever drains with no mess and never have to pull the drain plug again. Just reset the lever!
I also have the Amsoil bypass system so changing the filters is a snap and you are filtering down to very low microns here.
The oil pan change is fairly easy with some finesse and using the correct gasket maker (no gasket here) just the quick set cement. You will have to loosen the trans lines to allow easier access to the supplied pan screws. Very little spillage here because you have drained the trans pan already. After install and torque you are ready to remove the trans pan. I should have mentioned already that unless you have access to a lift( which most of up do not) you will have create room with a Jack and stands to make this easier. The new tranny pan is much bigger and heavy!! Allows for more cooling fluid. Simple, cooler trans equates to longer lasting Allison. Comes with a deep pan alli filter too. Oh, did I mention that this aluminum pan is heavy!! You are not going to hold it up with one hand and insert to to bolts here. I had to get creative with my floor jack to hold it up there. You can do it! Reinstall the trans lines now and you are ready to go up front and pull the small cooler and install the new larger on. After all the under the truck exertion you will appreciate the ease of this install.
I choose to put the trans fluid in first to allow a little more cure time for the oil pan sealer. Hopefully you have done your homework about which trans fluid to use. Sure, the regular fliud is much cheaper but, after all this work to get the gains, use ALL synthetic fluids here. Motor oil and trans fluid of your choice.
A full day of labor here but, just look at what you have done to make your Dmax run cooler and as we all know the LLY already has the problem inherently. Nothing says a job well done like the one you just did yourself... Everything I have done to my truck I have done with my own hands. Great parts and a little help from Utube and you are all set.
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