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Injectors Replaced now Coolant Leaking

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Just had the dealer replace the injectors about a week and a half ago. I go out to start the truck today and there is a giant puddle of coolant under the truck. It has never leak coolant before.

Could it be something they did not seal right when they replaced the injectors? Any ideas anyone might have would be really helpful.

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Absolutely. To change the left side injectors they have to drain the cooling system and remove the pipe that the upper radiator hose hooks to. They probably disconnected one of the heater hoses to make the right side easier. They may also have dislodged one (or more) of the injector sleeves. I would try to see if you can tell where it is leaking so you can prove that it was related to the injector service otherwise they will probably lie about what the problem was and make you pay to fix it.
what location under the truck was the puddle? Also what area under the truck has coolant dripping off of it?
The puddle was on the driver side of the truck. There was some coolant on the skid plate too.
was the puddle more to one side front, back ect...?
It was on the driver side(left side of the truck)
take it back, they'll get it squared away. there are 2 o rings that get replaced and 1 small hose that comes off. Any one of those could have a small leak. They'll fix it.

However, it could just be a coincidence that your water pump is leaking as well, thats why cobra asked if the coolant was more towards the front.
Any update?
The dealer fixed the problem. They had pinched a hose and it had a pin hole leak in it.The hose was between the upper radiator hose and the turbo.
Glad it was taken care of. Like Boost said, was just trying to get get an idea where it was leaking to give you an idea where to look.
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