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Yet another rant about my POS truck..........

Well I picked my truck up. They installed new injectors and a fuel pres. reg.
Its doesnt surge/lope now and it runs very smooth.

I gave EXTREMELY specific orders to NOT touch the oil. To NOT do any oil pressure tests. To include me in anything done to diagnose the oil pressure problem.

They Phucked me again. They refuse to look at the oil problem. Claiming now I simply needed to "change" my oil.

They drained my synthetic oil with 5k miles on it "because it looked black" and poured in DELO 15-40.

They started the engine cold and said the oil pressure looked fine.

I told them the oil pressure always looks much better with clean un=used 15-40 oil. But after 500 miles it will be back down to 10lbs.

Further more I told them I dont use reg. oil I run synthetic.

I drive in snow covered cold states and my Owners manual says to run synthetic in below 0 weather.

I asked them to put it in writing that my owners manual is incorrect about the type of oil to use. They would not!

I asked them to put my old oil back in so we could run the test together. They refused.

I asked them what I was supposed to do now? My warranty expired at 75k. The new car dept told me not to put any miles on it past the 77k I have now because it will drop the value even more.

So now Im screwed.

I cant drive it to make the oil get thin again. Im screwed. Once again GM and the GM dealers have skirted my low oil pressure complaints. I have been complaining for over 1 year and they got away with it again.

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