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injectors and what to do?

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I'm gonna go with 0.40 injectors cuz i have a bad #5 & 6 injector. My question is do or should i get just nozzles or the whole works? I just had my injectors replaced in July by GM. Thanks guys.
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ratlover;1560083; said:
MDE is a supporting vendor here. I would PM him. Talking to him he can wet flow test em and all that fun stuff. Nice guy even if he dont drink beer ):h

Hey ratlover, thanks but I had already 1200 miles on my a$$ and drinking beer after that that will passes me out :D, otherwise I had to drive an other 20 miles to the hotel. I don't like DUI's and had really luck at Christmas as I got pulled over and we was pretty lid up, the officer let me go ==> that was my wake up call.
You are welcome to come up to Lake Geneva for a good party (summer time) and we can drink a lot beer together.

Back to the facts: The LB7 don't have a nozzle proble, there is a Injector body problem where it leaks and can't provide the injection quantity which is needed to run the engine smooth. Get 2 new injectors and I hope my new LB7 nozzle are then reay when you are ready.

Good luck!!!!

subman631;1559948; said:
Putting in bigger injectors is a waste of time if you don't have the air and fuel supply. You need twin CP-3's and a lift pump is you don't already have them. You will also need to upgrade your turbo unless you plan to spray. Sounds to me like you need to watch where you get your fuel and probably double up on your filters. Injectors shouldn't go bad in that amount of time. I put in bigger injectors before I knew what the hell I was doing, (still don't know much but I'm a little smarter then I use to be:D ) and the fuel pressure dropped to about 13000psi at WOT which will get you no where. You would be a lot better off upgrading your air and fuel delivery and leave the big injectors for later.;)
It's never a waste of time to change good flowing injectors.
2005 LLY, stock turbo, stock CP3, aftermarket intake and exhaust, lift pump and 10 hole nozzles = 528.7 RWHP / 1136.0 RWTQ , which is an increase of about 19HP and 95 LB/FT TQ. over the stock injectors and adjusted tune.
It every time depends what the owner of the truck will do. Nothing is waste of time other then waching TV and sleeping :D
Z71 Grizzly;1561540; said:
What size injector nozzles were in that truck that you just mentioned and it had to have some kind of an extra tune also didn't it? Would you still get o.k mileage with your injector nozzles if you keep the foot from hitting the floor? Isn't there a 7 hole spray in the stock nozzles? 10 hole has got to be nice. Thank's
The nozzles are 29% over stock flow and has 10 holes evenly distributed on the nozzle tip. This is a special tune for towing and my nozzles, which is available by redline diesel in CA. The mpg is by 18 with the modification we had. If you just replace the nozzles and keep the stock tune you will get that:
Z71 Grizzly;1563030; said:
Are the 120hp nozzles on your website the ones you were talking about or something else?
No, in that test was just the 129% nozzles ==> 29% flow ~ 90 HP without any changes on fuel map.

ratlover;1563055; said:
Just razzing ya about the Ice Tea :)

You zap out the holes on blank tips and run more holes that are actually smaller right?
Yes, thats right, more holes + smaller holes = better atomisation

BTW: I wished I had some long island ice tea as the old drunk grandma began to flash :D :D :D
Z71 Grizzly;1563796; said:
Originally Posted by Z71 Grizzly
Are the 120hp nozzles on your website the ones you were talking about or something else?

No, in that test was just the 129% nozzles ==> 29% flow ~ 90 HP without any changes on fuel map.

So on the website the 90hp nozzles are the 129%? How do the 120hp ones do?
Grizzly, it is basicaly wrong to name nozzles on HP. The 120 HP are 139% flow which means 39% more as the stock injector. I have them in house and need somebody to test them. I tested them already on my test bench and there are looking great.

subman631;1564201; said:
Sorry I wasn't talking about small injectors and I know notta about an LLY so you may be right. For my application I'll stick with the F1 big boy toys.:D
Don't compare apples with oranges :D . My nozzles might be less in flow but increases the efficiency of the engine. Thats why:
What is the advanage of the 10 hole nozzle ==> better atomization in the cylinder. What is atomozation? When you inject the fuel in your cylinder, the diesel get sprayed appart and is a diesel drop now. With smaller holes you get smaller diesel drops (speed in nozzle holes increases: volume flow = hole area x speed). If you have more and smaller diesel drops the surface area of the diesel increases and cools the hole cylinder and brings your EGT down which has the advanage to put more fuel in again to increases the HP and RWTQ and stays on the same level of EGT's like you had it before ==> more HP with same EGT's.
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