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injectors and what to do?

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I'm gonna go with 0.40 injectors cuz i have a bad #5 & 6 injector. My question is do or should i get just nozzles or the whole works? I just had my injectors replaced in July by GM. Thanks guys.
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Putting in bigger injectors is a waste of time if you don't have the air and fuel supply. You need twin CP-3's and a lift pump is you don't already have them. You will also need to upgrade your turbo unless you plan to spray. Sounds to me like you need to watch where you get your fuel and probably double up on your filters. Injectors shouldn't go bad in that amount of time. I put in bigger injectors before I knew what the hell I was doing, (still don't know much but I'm a little smarter then I use to be:D ) and the fuel pressure dropped to about 13000psi at WOT which will get you no where. You would be a lot better off upgrading your air and fuel delivery and leave the big injectors for later.;)
bogger;1560023; said:
I've got duals, an a5k, and a fass 150
Sounds like you got what you need, get the bad injectors replaced by GM and keep your eyes open for a good used set on e-bay or here and then send your good injectors off for tips. Probably not a good idea to try and replace them (tips) yourself unless you have a lot of experience. I went with Don M of Formula 1 last time. I think he is on the cutting edge of injector technology. He build the injectors in Nasty Girl as well. You can reach him on here. Good luck.
MDE;1560253; said:
It's never a waste of time to change good flowing injectors.
2005 LLY, stock turbo, stock CP3, aftermarket intake and exhaust, lift pump and 10 hole nozzles = 528.7 RWHP / 1136.0 RWTQ , which is an increase of about 19HP and 95 LB/FT TQ. over the stock injectors and adjusted tune.
It every time depends what the owner of the truck will do. Nothing is waste of time other then waching TV and sleeping :D
Sorry I wasn't talking about small injectors and I know notta about an LLY so you may be right. For my application I'll stick with the F1 big boy toys.:D
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