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Injector replacement Questions

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Looks Like I'm going to be replacing my injectors myself. So where can I find the injectors puller tool? Also does anyone know a good place to find injectors sleeves. The dealer here is useless they want to mark everything crazy high. I've got injectors on the way but am wondering where to find the rest. Any help is appreciated.

I'm going to take lots of pictures and try to post so others can see whats required to do it themselves.
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My truck has 170,000ml so I was planning on replacing the sleeves while I was in there. Also I didn't want to have one need to be replaced and have to wait on the part. I'm going to be using the shop on base and it costs $30 a day. If I have a bad sleeve or one comes out I'm screwed waiting on a replacement.
ok I guess I won't replace the sleeves. Any more suggestions on what would be helpful as far as gaskets and sealants to have on hand to make things go smoothly. I'm getting a kit with injector seals banjo fitting seals and valve cover seals. Are there any other tools necesary to get. Fuel line disconects ect.
I bought a set of injectors from the market place here. The gasket kit I found on ebay.
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