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Injector replacement Questions

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Looks Like I'm going to be replacing my injectors myself. So where can I find the injectors puller tool? Also does anyone know a good place to find injectors sleeves. The dealer here is useless they want to mark everything crazy high. I've got injectors on the way but am wondering where to find the rest. Any help is appreciated.

I'm going to take lots of pictures and try to post so others can see whats required to do it themselves.
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Are you just doing injectors or is there a problem with the sleeves?
when you take the bolt out of the injector hold down, twist it side to a bunch of times, this will help loosen the injector in the cup and eliminate some of the chance that it will the cup out with it. I would not replace them if they do not come out, not worth messing with them, there are some other tools you need to pull them out and in theory to install them.
Its mostly all metric, the lines are 19mm, most bolts and nuts are 12mm, couple 13mm, need a 5mm hex 7mm socket. Pry bar. The spring hose clamps are a pain, alot of people replace them with standard hose clamps.

For the lines, I like to use a crows foot in a line wrench design. Make sure that you get them all tight, some are hard to get to after the truck is back together.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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