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Injector replacement Questions

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Looks Like I'm going to be replacing my injectors myself. So where can I find the injectors puller tool? Also does anyone know a good place to find injectors sleeves. The dealer here is useless they want to mark everything crazy high. I've got injectors on the way but am wondering where to find the rest. Any help is appreciated.

I'm going to take lots of pictures and try to post so others can see whats required to do it themselves.
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The injector puller was the hardest thing to find. (I am changing one of mine this weekend.) What you need is a Kent-Moore J-44639. I found a local shop that could order it for $75. I checked with Snap-on and Matco to see if they had it yet, but they don't. OTC doesn't sell it yet either (even though they are also a subsidiary of SPX.) If you find a local OTC dealer they can probably order it for you.
I just replaced 1 of mine this weekend. After wasting $75 plus 2nd day shipping on the Kent-Moore J-44639 injector puller, I found out that the clamp to hold the injector in is actually what lifts it out. That being said, I measured the pin on the puller (pics in my garage) and found it was 10.4 mm (about .4 in) in diameter. If you have a 3/8 pin punch or a 3/8 bar from adjusting you garage door springs (small doors only) you don't need the puller. I also like the slide hammer style puller described above, but worry that pulling on an angle like that may make injector sleeve removal more likely.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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