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injector crush washer part #

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the title pretty much says it all. Anyone at a fuel shop know the part number for the crush washer that goes inside the injector? for the life of me nowhere in my literature can I find it. Used to know it by heart but been a few years since I built any 6.5 injectors. been just buying new ones lately.
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no, not the washer that seals the injector to the head.
the one inside the injector body itself. it seal the end of the nozzletip to the injector body.
GM does not do those. only from afuel shop. I would order them from Flag if I could find the dang part number but it been so lng since we done any it has dissapeared in the paperwork.
DavidPhillips;1550976; said:
Check your local injection shop they should have them.
funny;-) I am my local injection shop. yeah I could go across town the to competitor and get them. But I think i will just research a little more and come up with the number.
that way i can order 1000 of them direct probably as cheap as 50 cost at the competitor;-)
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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