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Once again, this forum has helped me on my negotiations with the dealer on warranty issues.
Took my '03 in late Dec for a couple of issues, as the truck would hit 3 years ownership on 1/1/06.
One of the issues was quickly corrected for now with the steeering shaft and is not the reason for this post.
But when I pointed out the leather seat had worn through the outer surface of the leather, the svc mgr responded that he agreed it shouldn't be worn out in less than 3 years use, but that GM would refuse to fix under warranty, in his opinion.
I responded with a request that he pull up SB 04-08-50-006, which he did. Reading this SB, he then responded that the drawing showed the wear I had as a warranty item and he would order the seat cover and call me when it arrived.
Just this morning returned from the dealer, where they installed the cover while I went to breakfast in a car they loaned me!
I don't feel the svc manager was trying to not perform a repair he knew was covered, he just was unaware of the SB. I've surprised them more than once with knowledge I have gained here on the Diesel Place.
THX, Nick.;)
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