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Here is thier news letter to me,
I will be there with my trailer for some rain protection and beer drinkin, card playin etc, no lying cheating or missed spittuning will be allowed my S&W has the final say.... Bring a bag as im coming solo no kids or momma this weekend enough for about 6 ish .....7 if you wanna spoon with the owner:eek: NOT, Not and Not unless im boosed up and you got no teeth and boobs are still there:rolleyes:
Homestead Rancher i'll try to get close to the dixe chick guy :D
Cell # 585-261-5760

Here is the deal gang, CompetitionDiesel.com and PowerStrokeNation.com have teamed up to bring you the 1st annual Outlaw bash at Wah Bah Steakhouse and Saloon May 8th at 7PM. There will be Food and Drink specials, door prizes, contests and other giveaways. Also, for those pulling trailers, there is a 30 acre lot to park in so you don't have to worry about dealing with your rig.

WhaBah's Steak House and Saloon
(270) 782-6299
2361 Russellville Rd
Bowing Green KY
**(FYI Franklin Yellow Cab - (270) 843-3232 $16.85 for 2 people to the hotel area on Scottsville Rd. $18.85 for 4 people)**

Beech Bend - Drag Races
(270) 781-7634
798 Beech Bend Rd
Bowing Green KY

attention this will save you a 4 mile wait ive been told don't hold me to it
you are pullin or you are crew ;)
SOKY Fairgrounds -Sled Pull Address:
Sled Pullers Use this Address
Goggle map shows the back gate (Glen Lily road) address is :
1515 Glen Lily Road
Bowling Green KY 42101

Spectators use this address
the post office has always listed the front entrance to park as 980 Morgantown Road but Goggle map lists the Lampkin Park drive as:
1190 Morgantown Road
Bowling Green, KY 42101

TS Open House
Friday May 8th 9:00 a.m until 6:00 p.m
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