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Increase Boost, Banks Big Head?

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I would like to increase my boost on my stock turbo. I currently get about 25 PSI with Edge Juice set on 5. I've read that the stock turbo is safe up to 32 PSI, however I also read that an overboost code is set at 28 PSI. I would like to increase up to 30 PSI.

What PSI is the Banks Big Head good for? Is it adjustable?

If I go past 28 PSI is there a way to prevent from setting the overboost code?

Where's an easy accurate place to monitor boost?
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I spoke with Edge and they claim that any juice module sold with attitude " EJC1001WAM " will read up to 99 psi as is. They said pre-attitude models would only read up to 25.6 psi.
Have you had any experience reading trying to read higher boost with a later juice?
I wouldn't think the stock sensor was even capable of reading 99 psi.
Unfortunatly I have the 1000 model (only a few months old).
I am inquiring edge to see if it can be flash updated.
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