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I'm a new guy

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Thanks for letting me in. I'm a long time car guy, always into vintage, but not necessarily a truck guy until I got my '95 C3500 dually about 10 years ago. I'm getting older so I am trimming the stable, but the C3500 will likely always be there and then bequeath to someone. Overall, I consider it a keeper along with my '89 Jaguar XJS, and '87 Porsche 924S, '98 Mercedes SL500, '72 Mercedes 280SE, '82 Mercedes 500SE and '89 Mercedes 560SEL. I've got more, but have started sending them down the road. I'm just getting old enough that I just want to narrow down the fleet.

I've had a vehicle inspection business servicing the warranty industry since 1996, currently performed by others, but noted that Its performed 800 to over 1000 inspections a years and my black on black '17 Honda Accord Sport is a keeper only because of reliability. Since 1996 American Technical (Business name) has only had maybe 5 Honda's so that's why I have it. Overall, I have no use for most new cars, they are all build to be throw aways and especially electric vehicles. People who advocate them must not have been in power outages, I've been in many, 3 over a week long and if our leaders continue to advance our slipping government and wanted to control your movement, just shut off the power and your SOL. No more soap box.

I love my C3500 and will hopefully pass it on to my best friend when I am gone. That's my baby below.

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