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2001 Silverado 2500HD LB7/ZF6 4x4
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Howdy yall, hope this is the right sub forum for this question...

So my truck had the ignition cylinder replaced sometime in the past, and I only have the key for the ignition not the doors. I dont want to be at the mercy of my keyless entry and would like a spare anyway, so i am looking to replace the door locks and ignition cylinder to a matching set.

that brings me to my question, the manual trans trucks apparently have a different cylinder than the automatic trucks, they have a little button that you have to press to completely turn the truck off whereas the automatic ones don’t have that button. Is there a difference other than that button? Would I have to get a manual transmission ignition cylinder or would an automatic one work? I’m not really sure what that button is even for, because you can still pull the key out without completely killing the battery. Any insight would be appreciated! Thanks in advance
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