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Hey guys -

I don't have a truck or diesel or anything, but I think they're rad and I wish I had one.

Take a look at this video (taken sometime in November 2005 at GLD/Union Grove, WI) and see if anyone recognizes the truck - all my friend wanted to do was make fun of the guy knocking down consisent 14s in a C5, but as a bonus, the Duramax in the right lane kills it (much to the delight of my friend and I, who start giggling like schoolgirls).

http://www.v6conversion.com/Aaron/slowvette.wmv (8.9M)

Anyway, if you know who this is, tell them the video is up, and he can show it to friends, family, co-workers, or anyone else who has questioned his sanity for hacking into a brand new truck to make it faster. :ro)

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