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I have a new truck!!!

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I have a new Oshkosh 6x6 with a CAT C-12 w/Jake and Allison 7 speed auto. I love the truck! I am in the Marine Corps and we got new 7 ton trucks. It replaced the old GM 5 ton trucks. All I hear is the sweet sound of the turbos! These are the best military trucks that I have ever seen.
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I don't have any right now but I will post some up soon.
We took her out all week and all I can say is SWEET! The engine just wants you to work her. Going down hills is no problem with the Jake set on High. I pulls a 16,000 lbs Howitzer like it was not even there. I love this truck to death! I will post some pictures as soon as I can.
That sounds sweet! You are lucky to get to play with the big toys! Can you show us the truck on this website?

It is the MTVR 6x6.
I saw that a couple years ago at Ft. McCoy, WI. Oshkosh was testing there. What a job...being paid to drive a new truck down muddy tank trails all day.
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