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Hello all, I have a question that is more complicated to ask than to answer. I just did a head gasket job on my 2001 LB7. During disassembly I have apparently lost part of my wire harness. The issue I have is very common due to other reasons, but I believe I know what my root cause is.

I now get P0380 (glow plug issue), my low oil level light is on, my oil pressure guage is pegged to the right.
What I know,
There are two 3 pin connectors on top of my engine harness. 1 is male, 1 is female. The wire length coming out of the harness for each is only about 3 inches. The male connector (driverside) I have traced out.
1 wire is ground side of glow plug control relay.
I can ground this one and get rid of the P0380 code
The #3 wire I can ground and get rid of the low oil level light.
#2 wire when grounded returns the oil pressure guage to "0".
Now with all that said, can someone tell me what & where this connection t
Should go?
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