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HP Tuners VCM Suite v2.1.16 is Now Available!

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HP Tuners VCM Suite v2.1.16 is Now Available!

The first general release for 2007 and VCM Suite just keeps getting better. This release brings some new pricing announcements, combined ECM and TCM scanning and TCM controls (bidirectional) for GenIV and Duramax vehicles fitted with TCM's and almost 200 new parameters for GenIV (and some 4cyl) vehicles fitted with later style ECM's. The release and business plans are packed for 2007 - this is just the beginning!

Below are the major new features in v2.1.16:

- lowered credits for various GenIII and GenIV vehicles, new GenIV unlimited group
- combined ECM and TCM scanning
- almost 200 new parameters for GenIV (and some 4 cyl) including: DoD, Injector timing, Knock Sensor, Transient Fuel, Ignition OFF Fans and much more.
- axis editing available for selected tables, vehicle dependant
- GenIV traction control patch (MAF fail fixup as included in 2bar) now free
- support for additional 2007 vehicles and new operating systems

Once again, we would like to thank our dedicated team of forum moderators, beta testers and all our valued customers who assist and provide idea's to make VCM Suite the best tuning solution on the market.

Lowered Credits and NEW GenIV unlimited group
VCM Suite 2.1.16 reduces the single vehicle credits for selected GenIV vehicles and also introduces two new GenIV unlimited vehicle groups. In most cases the single vehicle credits are now 2 credits and the new unlimited groups are 130 credits.

See our Vehicle List for full details.

You MUST download and install VCM Suite 2.1.16 to take advantage of the new credit requirements!!

Also, any previously licensed vehicles or year/models will still retain the original credits required to license them and count towards the next available upgrade as per the upgrade credit system.

Combined ECM and TCM Scanning
VCM Scanner now includes the ability to scan TCM parameters while scanning the ECM at the same time. Nothing special needs to be done, just select any desired TCM PIDs from the insert PID menu and start scanning. TCM controls are also available for vehicles fitted with supported TCM's.

Table Axis Editing
In this release selected tables for later vehicles allow axis editing, for example, the RPM axis on the main spark tables for the GenIV vehicles. If the axis is supported for editing, VCM Editor now allows you to modify that axis to suit your application. Whenever, you see an axis label that is underlined, simply click the label and the edit axis window will appear.

A complete list of new features and bug fixes can be found HERE

Obtaining the update
All customers can login to download and install VCM Suite 2.1.16. Updates are FREE to all customers. MPVI customers who have never logged in, please create an account.

Please note that not all listed features and new vehicle types are available on serial interfaces.

For all ordering and pricing information on any of the new vehicles listed above, please see our Shop Online and Supported Vehicles page.

And don't miss the DEMO of some of the various new features incorporated into 2.1.16

- The HP Tuners team.
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