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Kennedy said:
The Hot or "Comp" program as I call it is 145 HP and is what Edge now calls Hot Juice. The only way you can tell, other than someone writing on it (or if it is purpose built and stickered as 4.74 Hot) is to plug it into the Edge programmer which will then read what is on it. Aside from hooking to the "Juicer" you must rely on the selling vendor to ensure that it is the correct program.

Van Aaken has a similar setup to allow distributors to verify programming.

Is it really only 145hp............or is it slighly hotter???

Reason I ask is my HOT OJ dyno's a consistant 135-140 hp over whatever stock baseline. It puts down 387HP at the wheels on my 02 with a 249HP baseline number. This has been duplicated on several other 01,02,and 03 trucks within 1-3 HP every time..

Just wondering............anybody know for sure????

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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