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We'll I just got done with adding a bed mounted aux fuel tank, plumbed to a Baldwin BF 7587, Facet 45 GPH pump, and 3 way solenoid valve. Have two lighted switches on dash. One is for the pump the other for selecting between the main tank or to recirculate back to the aux tank (this way I can provide for multiple passes thru the filter for real clean fuel).
Unfortunately, the light quit on the solenoid valve switch. I thought I was circulating back to the aux tank when, in fact, I was trying to fill an already full main tank. OOPS ! All I know is that about 8 gal too much went somewhere. It was pooring rain at the time so I didn't notice anything driving down the road. When I realized what had, I stopped and cracked the fuel cap slightly and fuel just started to gush out. I haven't noticed any ill effects yet. I checked the oil dipstick but it looks OK. Is it possible diesel got into the engine ? I have driven about 120 miles since this happened and the fuel gage has not even dropped back to the full mark so either the gage was damaged somehow or I expanded the main tank capacity !
Any other parts I may have damaged ? The pump pressure capability is supposed to be 7 to 9 psi.
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